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Medical Friend ICD-10 EMR


This is an alpha version of an Open Source EMR system. This project is intended to be a secure, HIPPA compliant,  ICD-10 compliant HIS/EMR system.  At some point, Meaningful Use certification will be sought. 

Currently alpha versions of the Schema-Backend are available. 

Many parts of CMS's public publications and documents have been leveraged for the DataWarehouse portion. Other EMR/HIS/HIE open source systems have been converted to be hosted in Medical Friend.

Most small practice Doctors need a fully functioning EMR/EHR/HIS system:

Another goal for the EMR is to link the converted FMA Ontological project found at this Codeplex project to ICD-10/Snomed diagnoses - basically physically map the illnesses:

This link reflects the issues with Diabetes diagnoses:


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